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Dr. Red Says Show

Nov 20, 2020

Bebe is a psychic, a medical, and spirit medium, as well as a transformational intuitive coach whose work is based on her wiccan and pagan values. Bebe is a very gifted spiritual healer who lives her life in a holistic manner she is a practicing wiccan for over 20 years. Throughout the past 20 plus years Bebe's gifts and abilities have evolved through natural spiritual evolution, traditional school and other educational materials as well as through personal and interpersonal experience. She focuses her time and energy on bringing awareness, understanding, and healing to those in pain, feeling lost, ready for answers and real change. Her work has helped people better understand themselves and their blockages, learn different strategies for coping with anxiety, and other factors in life. She also helps her clients find a deeper connection to self, and the earth.

Bebe's Website