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Dr. Red Says Show

Jan 31, 2021

Dr. Red talks with Chris about OsteoStrong. A unique system that strengthens your musculoskeletal system in as little as 15 minutes, once per week.

Nov 20, 2020

Bebe is a psychic, a medical, and spirit medium, as well as a transformational intuitive coach whose work is based on her wiccan and pagan values. Bebe is a very gifted spiritual healer who lives her life in a holistic manner she is a practicing wiccan for over 20 years. Throughout the past 20 plus years Bebe's gifts...

Oct 10, 2020

Jean is a St. Louis based Transformational Coach, Akashic Record Reader, author, & speaker. She has studied and practiced the principles of metaphysics and spirituality for 40 years and she uses these principles in every area of her life. She is a avid writer and dancer. Jean discovered the inner LIGHT when she was...

Sep 21, 2020

Dr. Red talks with Al Horne MBA Ph.D. about "The Mind" in the the first of three episodes about Mind, Body and Spirit.

Dr. Horne on Linked In 

Dr. Horne is a Thought Leader, Marketing Strategist, Podcast Producer, Entrepreneur and...

Aug 29, 2020

Mike Dolbow is a veterans' advocate that is creating a non profit organization to help homeless veterans.

He has fought the system to get his benefits after physical and psychological challenges including heart attack, stroke, blindness, PTSD and homelessness.

He has won some of his benefits after more than 8 years...