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Dr. Red Says Show

Jul 16, 2021

Dr. Red talks with Wendy Tamis Robbins.
Wendy is an author, speaker, coach and attorney. She is also a wife and stepmother of two teenagers. After living with anxiety, obsessive compulsive and panic disorders for almost 40 years, she is now anxiety-free. Not because she is completely free of anxiety, but because it no...

Jun 11, 2021

"MBA with over 35 years healthcare leadership (HR, Ops); burn survivor. I'm an image consultant / career coach.
I write/edit resumes; coach interview preparation and presentation skills (body language, eye contact, active listening) in person and virtually; networking strategies,...

May 8, 2021

Dr. Red talks with Sharon Love about having a priority driven life during these difficult, challenging and uncertain times.

Sharon Love is a thought-leader, expert, and authority on helping people break free from codependent relationships She has been empowering successful lifestyles for over 26 years.

Sharon's website

Apr 2, 2021

Dr. Red talks with Dr. David Petrovay about career transitions, how to handle the loss of your job, and his new book "Life between Jobs: Out of Work...Not Out of WORTH".

Dr. David Petrovay

" I hold a PhD from the University of Arizona and have been in private practice as a career counselor and coach since 2009. I...

Mar 26, 2021

Dr Red does her "rant" about our situation with the pandemic and how it is affecting our society and culture with guest co-host Al Horne MBA Ph.D.